The 1980s were definitely about shoulder pads and big hair, some of the time. But for me they were mostly about hitting my straps professionally and personally and venturing beyond the basic stitching and knitting that I’d been doing till then. Seeds were being sewn that in the following decades became work and play for me in ways I never could have imagined.

Canberra became home with Ivan Johnstone, my partner. We threw in our lots together and created a home for Penny and Alex, teenagers at the time. I continued on as a school counsellor, mostly at Stirling College and trained and worked as a relationship counsellor part time.

And we travelled a lot. Mostly in Australia at first, mostly visiting my family in Queensland but also to New Zealand, when we could afford it, where Ivan’s family live. He was working in the A.C.T. TAFE system, still is, and we had generous holidays in those days.

Check out these links for the things we considered worth noting and photographing back then. The Patching and Quilting pages are up and the rest will follow as soon as they are done.

Patching and Quilting

Beyond the Rules

Knitting as Normal

Enter Kaffe Fassett

Home Making

On the Road