Beyond Kaffe Fassett

All Art is Borrowing – T.S. Elliott is supposed to have said

Beyond KF Banner #1

Yarn Compost and New Fabrics

Whence All the Flowers

Mermaid Doodling

Diamonds and Otherwise

The Holiday Shawl

Finding Kaffe Fassett’s work and the work of other knitters changed the way I knitted and what I knitted from then on. It was liberating. Now I was in charge beyond the patterns and while I continued to draw on all the traditions, experience, knowledge and knitting wisdoms of those who came before, I felt confident to make up my own patterns and develop my own techniques. It wasn’t a matter of throwing out the old patterns and rules. As Liz Gemmell was later to say to us, ‘A pattern is just a plan, sometimes the pattern is in a book, sometimes it’s a plan in your head.’

Each of the links in this section represents work I developed in the late 1980s and early 90s as I interpreted various ‘borrowings’ from various knitters who inspired me along the way. It was a brief time of transition to the stage where I was able to try new ideas.