The 2000s were busy, exhilarating, exciting, and marked by major transitions for us all. Sadly too it was a decade marked by the deaths of several close family members. All part of the bigger picture. I continued working for a while in schools but once my diary started getting crowded with workshops in Australia and New Zealand and knitting activities closer to home it was time to redefine work. How one can ever define ‘sitting and talking to people while knitting’ as work is beyond me however! On the home front there were marriages, babies born, travel and grandchildren to enjoy and knit for.

These pages are a mix of knitting ideas that blossomed in the 2000s as well as a sample of some of the textile workshop, community and family activities that went with the ideas.

Once again the slide show provides a sample of some of this and as pages are added to the categories below the links will magically turn blue!

Woven Garter Stitch

Once More from the Middle

Feather and Fan

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