Woven Garter Stitch

Woven Garter Stitch came about by accident. Those of you who’ve done classes with me may remember it as Stranded Garter – there’s an explanation for the change later. It’s been a great stitch to experiment and play with and I’ve learned a lot along the way from those who’ve explored it with me. In time I plan to have videos as part of this site so newcomers to the stitch can see it in action but until then I invite you to check out the various topics, samples and explanations and at any stage if it doesn’t make sense please contact me on .

Topics, Samples and Explanations

The Beginnings of the New Stitch

How Woven Garter [WG] Works

Three Ways to do it

Sample Gallery


Putting WG to Work

Useful Technical Tips

WG Projects

Woven garter stitch used in various ways