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Transform, Transpose, Translate, Transplant, Transgress with Woven Garter

Playtime Banner #1

Improvise, play, search your yarn collection and try out any combinations that spring to mind. Change the needles in your sample – do half with medium needles the other half with thick ones. Do a sample with one needle thick and one needle thin. Find your thickest yarn and your thinnest yarn and alternate them.

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And as well as playing with the type and thickness of yarn and thickness of needles of course you need to try out all sorts of colour combinations at the same time.

Playtime Banner #3

If you have a supply of Yarn Compost* get that out and divide it in two – put half in a pile called Yarn A and half in another called Yarn B. Cast on however many stitches – loosely. WG along the row with a shortish length yarn from the A pile and one perhaps a bit longer from the B pile. When Yarn A is nearly done take another and join it in and away you go stopping only when Yarn B is getting a bit short and so on. I join my yarns by laying the start of the new yarn along the end of the old one and knitting the two together as though they are one yarn – doesn’t matter how thick or thin it all gets, it’s all texture.

* Yarn Compost: A collection of skeins of yarn you couldn’t ignore, the tangled left overs of projects past, early hand spun yarn samples and bits of knitting needing to be pulled out and recycled. All ready and waiting to inspire or grow into something else perhaps!

Playtime Banner #4

Judge not your result till you’ve done say 50 rows. Look and see which bits of the new fabric appeal straight away. Which bits surprise you. Which colour combinations are the most noticeable, which ones the most subtle. Which textures suggest a possible project. Which bits might need to have more time in the compost.

Now for those of you who prefer to knit in the round ……………as with garter stitch in the round you will need to change to working in purl every second row. I haven’t tried this yet so I can’t guarantee what could happen. But it’s always worth having a go and who knows……………….you may come up with another version that’s just as exciting.