WG Projects

I’ve been busy since the early 2000s doing Woven Garter for lots of different projects and items. Recently Yarn Magazine has published a series of my articles about the stitch and in time I’ll be able to have some of these articles in this section of the site. Knitting friends who have worked on the stitch with me have generously allowed me to include their work too. I thank them for it. There are also friends who have taken photographs of their work, and mine, and shared these as well for use here. Where possible I’ve acknowledged these folk but where I have omitted to do so, I apologise.

I have also included photographs of friends who over the years have agreed to model items, especially hats for me. Thank you for this. If you are unhappy to find a photograph of you on the site, let me know and I’ll remove it as soon as I can………….with my apologies.

While the website is under reconstruction this section will have more items added to it. If you would like to be kept in touch with progress in this area let me know via the Contact Us section.

Below is a list of projects, not all of which have been loaded onto the website yet. At the moment only those with links are available.

Star Riggle Wrug

Clare’s Shawl

Diamond Mat

Hats, Wigs, Head and Hat Bands

Pen’s Cardi

Denim Coat that Grew

Ever so Variable and Versatile Vests

Stretch Diamond Scarves and Hats

Magic Kite Constructions

Tea Cosies

Bags, Jumpers for Trees Et Al!